African black

As warm as the climate of the African continent and the hearts of the people we met there. Feels like a breeze that sings of times when Pálava was nothing but a never-ending sea.

While the African sun warms up the room, a gentle sea breeze flows through. The room features decorations we brought back from our travels around Africa. It smells like marine salt, as did all of Pálava millennia ago. A fresh Mediterranean island in the middle of Europe, emerging from the water for you to enjoy.

To start your day off with good vibes, we’ll be sure to prepare you a breakfast feast filled with things we enjoy the most.

Reservations are possible for two or more nights always from Monday to Wednesday, from Wednesday to Friday, from Friday to Sunday or the whole week from Monday to Sunday.

Area: 22 sqm

Includes: shower + toilet

Price: 5 000 CZK per night (2-night minimum stay)


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