A place of bountiful scents and aromas, ideal for chance encounters, endless morning feasts and long summer nights, where you can admire the sunlit limestone hillsides during the day and watch the moonlight reflect off the water below at night.

Enjoy never-ending breakfasts, opulent brunches in the company of your friends and family, both rustic and Mediterranean-style tapas, cheese and cold cut platters, local products and foreign delicacies, chilled Prosecco or Cava, delicious locally produced wines, a sunny terrace with a view of the water, and a large oak table in the cellar for your family gatherings or company events.


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Marināda viniční dům
Na Cimbuří 57/160, 692 01 Pavlov
(On the road to the Děvičky Castle, with a view of the Nové Mlýny reservoir.)

Phone: +420 734 303 000 (We don't answer the phone? Write an email and we will get back to you.)

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