Set amongst limestone hillsides, this area once used to be underwater. Sometimes, we get lost in the sound of the calming Southern winds, imagining the rustling of the waves of the prehistoric sea.

A place full of contrasts, where steep limestone cliffs tower over the smooth landscape below, where sunlit hillsides meet dark riparian woodlands, where meadows in bloom give way to rising waters. There are but few places around with nature so diverse as Pálava.


Our Concept and Ingredients

Apricot trees, the unsung heroes of Pálava, bear sweet and juicy fruits both in our garden and all around the region. We bring the fruits of the land on the table of our humble abode with the same love and care put into harvesting them. We pick the best ingredients from surrounding farms and turn them into genuine, wholesome and delicious dishes.

History and Renovation of the House

Whatever this land generously provides, we gratefully accept. That is why the walls of our house are made of limestone. The house, rich in tradition and history, has a wine cellar, where local winemakers have been tasting the fruits of their labor for over 300 years. While at first glance you are greeted by its original Baroque gable wall, its modern side will reveal itself upon closer look. We bring an air of modernity with respect for tradition.


Come Inside

Allow us to walk you through our winery house. Explore the garden, with its breathtaking views and a soothing Southern breeze. Relax by the fire, sure to warm your entire body and beyond. Sit at the table, big enough to fit your loved ones as well as all your love for good food. Welcome to the house that had long been a dream of ours.

Choose Your Room

Bring your loved ones along and let your life stories join into one for a while again. With all its amenities, our house is ready to treat you to a one-of-a-kind experience, enchant you, inspire you, and pass its wisdom onto all those who want to listen.

Winery House

Featuring three bedrooms with private bathrooms and a common living room with a kitchen and a fireplace, the house can host 6–8 guests. Adjacent to the house is a garden full of herbs and flowers, with a full-grown apricot tree providing shade.

You can expect a beautiful, comfortable, and sweet-smelling house, hearty breakfasts to start the day off, fully-packed picnic baskets for your adventures, and lots of unforgettable moments.

Reservations are possible for two or more nights always from Monday to Wednesday, from Wednesday to Friday, from Friday to Sunday or the whole week from Monday to Sunday.

Room Silver chalet 5 000 CZK/night
Room African black 5 000 CZK/night
Room Golden bath 6 000 CZK/night

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